In conjunction with the restoration of the old B&O railway station, the Washington County Council on Economic Development is constructing a Veterans' Walkway. This Walkway will honor anyone who served in the forces of the United States of America, in peacetime or during any conflict.

The Walkway will he paved with granite bricks, each engraved with the name, rank or rate, branch and period of service of one of the Honorees.


The Veterans' Walkway will be located along the railroad station's passenger platform. It was from this platform that many of those who served climbed onto the train that took them to basic training and later, when their service was complete, stepped off into the arms of their loved ones.

ARTISTS CONCEPTIONEach name will be deeply engraved in an individual, 9 x 4 - inch granite "brick" in black-filled letters approximately 3/4 of an inch high.

The granite bricks will be grouped in paving panels 18 inches wide by 28 inches tall. Six of these panels will be laid side by side to form a row nine feet wide.

Row after row of these nine-foot panels will form the Walkway 100 or more feet long, containing hundreds of names.

A photo of a sample granite brick, with a fictitious inscription, is shown on the back panel of this folder.


If you would like to participate by having your name, or that of a loved one, inscribed in this lovely, lasting memorial, the process is simple and the cost $100 is reasonable (and tax deductible).

For complete, printed instructions and an order form, simply call the Washington County Council on Economic Development at (724) 228-6906.

In a few days you will receive detailed instructions and an order form in the mail.

Should you wish to make a gift of this memorial to someone, an appropriate card will be provided to you, or will be sent directly to the person to be honored, whichever you prefer, upon receipt of your order.


Anyone can be honored who has served, or is now serving, in any branch of the U.S. Services - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard or Merchant Marine at any time, anywhere, during war or peace.

The Veterans' Walkway project looks forward to the continued cooperation of all Washington area veterans' organizations.

Although this project will be open into the new millennium, the Walkway is expected to fill up quickly. If you wish to participate, you are encouraged to call for your detailed packet and order form now (724) 228-6906.

"This 'Veterans Walkway' is founded in the deep belief that all who have honorably served our nation deserve a lasting tribute from their neighbors and fellow countrymen. Thousands of our area's selfless men and women departed from - and returned to - the very platform upon which you stand. Those whose names you see here have our deepest thanks. Their service and their sacrifices shall not go unremembered nor unappreciated."  -- WALKWAY WELCOME STONE

CALL TO ORDER - 724-228-6906